What to Do If Someone Tries to Hack Your Facebook or Instagram?

Hacking or suspicious logins are not something new. If it hasn’t happened to you, it has happened to someone you know. Whether it is a business or personal account, you are bound to panic. Do you start texting all your friends and acquaintances or maybe you contact an Instagram growth service? First and foremost, you need to relax. We have a few steps that you can follow.

Change your password

Do you have access to your account? If so, you are one of the lucky ones. Most hackers immediately change your password. We recommend that you update your password and log out all other devices from the account.

If you are unlucky, you can follow either of the following measures.

Instagram’s Recovery Process

On the wave of an Instagram hacking spree, Instagram sought to protect its users from malicious persons and entities. They introduced a recovery process that would allow users to reclaim their account once it has been hacked.

Once you realize you cannot access your account, you tap on “My login info isn’t working”. The platform will ask you to enter the phone number or email address for the account. Instagram will then send you a six-digit code to either your phone or email. It is then recommended to deny access to all other devices and also change your password.

Report it

For your Facebook account, you can use the URL. The URL allows you to report the compromise of your account. You will be asked for some personal information/details such as the email or phone number used which should be straightforward for you. You should be able to regain use of your account. Facebook will recommend additional measures that you should take.

Controlling the damage

A Facebook or Instagram hacker may have used your account in one way or another, damaging your reputation. You will need to inform your friends and family about the goings-on of your account. They can share a post and tag you. This will allow you to control whatever is posted by the hacker in your name.

Additional tips

  • Secure your email. Most applications (including Instagram) will ask that your link an email account to an application. To keep your account safe, you need to restrict access to your email to devices that you are sure of. We recommend you make use of protection systems that email providers have set up like email encryption and two-factor authentication.
  • Third-party apps. In a recent news release, Instagram asked users to be wary of third-party apps. You should check Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of use. They advise on what you should look out for when it comes to third-party apps.
  • Shared computers or devices. You should always remember to log out of a public computer whenever you log into your Instagram account.